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Qinghai LED lighting to achieve industrialization

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December 29,Reporters learned from the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province,Qinghai province "123" Science and technology support program multi-chip high-power LED lighting research and development results,The realization of industrialization,To meet the needs of the public.

    It is understood that the,Multi chip package high-power LED lighting product development projects,Introduction of foreign patented high-power LED packaging technology.After two years of product development,Qinghai thermal cracked high-power lighting products,Developed meets market needs of different power LED panel light, LED bulbs and LED lights,Achieve the added output value of more than 20 million Yuan.

    From market prices, policies, trends,After several years development LED lighting market has matured,But due to lack of core technologies, standards, market access barriers and other market confusion,But as energy-saving, environmental protection, new energy,LED lighting has a bright future of development.